Poker,Workout,Football : 0 to Hero and retire <3

Posted on: July 16th, 2016 by PiRaToS14 No Comments

Hello people :) Been away for long time, just playing part-time and not really sure of what I want longterm. Been applying to universities and jobs (well not that hard).

This is the last shot (not sure if Id ever quit tbh)My staking/coaching deal been really up in the air for past years. Im currently close 25-30k in mu, with the deal backer not knowing what to do. Got around 500usd roll and will start grinding hard in whatever game I feel like playing. Will start perhaps a daily blog or weekly or monthly. Atleast monthly recaps on my site here. Perhaps some blogspot for daily stuff or 2p2.

Besides poker, will work hard to get fit for football, although currently in midseason and been injured on and off ever since I started after my 6 year long break or quitting. Guna slowly ramp up the action and get back on the level I been and continue improving. Id also love to go out and play more golf, even going on bike rides etc would be nice.

But its really hard (if not impossible) to try do everything at once. Ive just come to realise it for the thousandth time.. So even though I wanna just practice and workout to get better at football, its not really a profitable longterm thing. I mean im already 29, without other than graduation degree etc. Not a real profession. Ive realised I gotta give everything to poker again and work hard, while enjoying the other stuff. And save money and once I got enuf to live of interest or get more into business world, I can cut down my poker hours more and change the balance. But for now, all or nothing.

Heres a cool song from Delta <3


Peace out and gl to the tables

ps. I kno this is the umpteenth time im starting over and doing this type of post. this time im serious and wont back down until im dead or broke.